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Once upon a time in the little town of Long Valley, there was a successful seafood restaurant. The owner there considered himself very lucky to have working for him two industrious young men. One, the general manager, was a very handsome gentleman, extremely kind and good. The other, the bar manager, was just as handsome, usually kind and sometimes good. The restaurant owner, to his credit, recognized the unique partnering abilities of the general manager and the bar manager and brought up the subject of perhaps opening another restaurant.


And so the Redwoods was born. Well, actually it wasn't all that simple...


The new restaurant first opened for seven and a half minutes under the name of Monterey Grill and Bar. Well, o.k. it was a little longer than seven and a half minutes- just long enough to print up menus, stationary, and have dozens of new work shirts embroidered. Then, due to "once upon a time" politics, the new trio of owners was forced to change the name. And so Redwoods was born. Finally. As with all cherished children there were growing pains-and great joys. There were the first baby steps-getting the restaurant cleaned up and functional, requiring a complete and total renovation. Hiring kitchen, bar, and wait staff. Training. Hiring and firing vendors. New customers. Worrying about details. And worrying about details some more. The toddler years-a little less worry, but still the fear that something could be split wide open...More hiring. Some firing. Catering added to the list of "what can we accomplish". Customers that kept coming back. Ah, the teenage years- a little breathing room. The trio became a duo, as the seafood restaurant owner went his own way. The Redwoods building was bought by the general manager and the bar manager and they added the term landlord to their resumes. And those customers? They had become friends. The Redwoods had become firmly established as the place to go in Chester, NJ. Known for consistently good food, family atmosphere, and friendly, efficient service.


And suddenly- we're 20 years old! In 2016 Redwoods had entered  it's 3rd decade and great changes were happening. The General Manager left and The Redwoods brought in new owner Patrick Lynch. Lynch was welcomed by John O'Leary & The Redwoods team, and the future never seemed brighter!


The managers, bar manager, & owners John and Pat would like to thank you, our customers and friends for our successes.



A bit about Executive Chef,
Ben Peck & His Team


  Executive Chef, Ben Peck & Sous Chef Chris Kastner oversee a talented team of chefs and cooks in our kitchen here at Redwoods. They create a dynamic that nurtures success and provides the assurance of a quality meal every time they send out a plate. Ben's creativity shines as he develops soups and dishes that are sure to intrigue your taste buds.

  Everyone that works for our team is dedicated to their craft as much as Ben, Chris, and Bill are, and it shows each time your dinner hits the table. Each day they build a fire with New Jersey hardwoods, consisting of mainly oak and cherry. We feel that the flavor of the wood fire is far superior to that of conventional gas or electric grills. Come in soon to see why Redwoods cuisine has been a neighborhood staple for the past 20 years.

Celebrating 22 Years

Pat & John - Owners


In House Party Manager

Cliff & Bryan

Catering Managers


General Manager


Head Chef


Pastry Chef


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Take Out & Delivery

Pick up or have Redwoods deliver your dinner tonight! Tired from work & don't feel like cooking? Have Redwoods cook dinner for you & your family and deliver our fresh & hot meals within a 15 minute radius. Top it off with a homemade dessert from our Pastry Chef, Alex!

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Meet John!


John Bovill has recently taken over our Delivery/ Take-out store, and we were wondering if you have ever met him...


You may know him as part of our awesome off-premise catering team, headed up by Mr. Bryan King, and some may just know him from being a part of the community.


For those of you who don't know him, his Southern hospitality is sure to make you feel nice and warm this winter when you come in to pick up your dinner, or on the phone when you place your delivery order. Be sure to come in when you can to introduce yourself to him, he is looking forward to meeting you all!

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Celebrating 22 Years
Celebrating 22 Years
Celebrating 22 Years
Celebrating 22 Years