A wood burning grill is the focus of Redwoods’ cuisine. The flavors of food cooked over a wood fire are

deepened and enhanced, like wine aged in oak barrels.


Executive Chef - Benjamin Peck

Pastry Chef - Alex Crabe

- Dessert Menu -



Rustic Fruit Crostata

the season’s finest ingredients...individually baked to perfection,
   served with vanilla ice cream and fresh whipped cream  6.99

ask your server for today’s selection…


Bailey’s Irish Cream Cheesecake
Alex’s creamy cheesecake with an Irish flair…served with
fresh whipped cream and fudge sauce  7.99


Chocolate Peanut Butter Molten Cake  *

a rich chocolate cake with a gooey peanut butter and white chocolate center, served with vanilla ice cream

and fudge sauces  6.99


Vanilla Bean Crème Brûlée  *

the classic sugar crusted custard, finished with fresh whipped

cream and a brown sugar cinnamon shortbread cookie  6.99


Warm Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

it doesn’t get any better than this...warm and delicious! Garnished with vanilla ice cream

and fudge and caramel sauces   7.25

The Loaded ‘Cookie Monster’ Sundae


 this 7 scoop masterpiece is loaded full of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, hot fudge and caramel sauces and the best cookie EVER…full of chocolate chips,

white chocolate, butterscotch, caramel, and pretzels…finished with fresh whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles…

single order  6.99…full order  11.99



hand crafted biscotti, the perfect complement to your coffee
ask your server about our current selection  3.50


Ice Cream *

your choice of vanilla, chocolate, and mint chocolate chip  4.95

ask your server about our specialty sorbet and ice cream flavors  5.50

*can be served gluten free

Pastry Chef      Alex Crabe



Coffee 2.95    Espresso 3.50 .   Cappuccino 4.50    Latte 4.50




Crème Brulee Martini
vanilla vodka, butterscotch schnapps, and half & half.  Shaken and served straight up in a martini glass…

the perfect crème brulee in a glass!   9.75


Drunken Peanut Butter Cup

the adult version of your favorite treat…house infused Reese’s Pieces vodka, half and half, and crème de cocoa served up. Finished with chocolate sauce and a Reese’s Pieces

and peanut butter rim…soooo good!  11.75


Espresso Martini

a Redwoods Favorite…vanilla vodka, fresh brewed espresso and Kahlua, shaken and served straight up.

We promise it won’t keep you up!  10.00


Chocolate Covered Raspberry Martini

Rum Chata and raspberry vodka mixed with raspberry preserves and crème de cocoa…

garnished with chocolate sauce and fresh raspberries 11.50


Redwoods Coffee
Kahlua Mocha Liquor, Licor 43 and brandy  8.50


Irish Coffee
Jameson Irish Whiskey and brown sugar  8.50


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- Dessert Menu -
- Dessert Menu -
- Dessert Menu -
- Dessert Menu -